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We are Specialists in Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips.

Samantha Thomas Elite Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics are based in Rochester, Kent.

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Permanent makeup is now the preferred choice for thousands of ladies wanting to look good for longer.

Due to hectic lifestyles Permanent make up is the ideal solution for enhancing your looks, whether it be soft and natural or more defined and glamorous Permanent make up can be what you want it to be.

Permanent makeup also known as micro-pigmentation is achieved when delicately implanting specialist pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

The results will gradually fade over time and ‘colour boosts’ are recommended anything from 8 months to 2 years to keep a fresh appearance.

 Appointment, a thorough consultation will take place in order to identify your needs and areas of concern. I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your needs are met and are happy to continue, this includes when choosing a colour and the drawing of the template before proceeding with the final part of the treatment.

Permanent Make up procedures come with a free consultation and are a two-part process. There are two treatments six weeks apart. The second appointment is a great opportunity for us to re-evaluate the treatment and make any necessary adjustments to colour, shape and thickness so that we can make sure the final results are nothing less than perfect!

Prices start from £375.00.

Eye Brow Permanent Makeup Medway Kent

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup

My most popular treatment…brows really do frame your face and when correctly designed can lift years off of your appearance.  Natural brows are by far my most favourite brow to create. Hairstrokes can be created via two methods, machine and needle (micro-pigmentation) or via hand tool method also know as Microblading. With both methods hairstrokes implanted to give a very natural but realistic look, so realistic that you wouldn’t even realise they have been tattooed as they are designed to imitate real hairs.

A combination of strokes with added shading can create a brow with more depth and density.  This gives the brow a little more body as the strokes and clients own natural hair growth are blended together seamlessly.

Another popular technique used to create brows for clients wanting a stronger more made up and glamorous look is a powder brow, often referred to as Ombré. This style brow has a more shaded effect with diffused edges so that once healed the result is still very natural.

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup Medway Kent

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner involves implanting pigment above or between the lash line to give your eyes a more open and defined look. It can make lashes appear thicker and longer without having to worry about it smudging or wearing off.  Eyeliner can be anything from a subtle lash enhancement to a lovely latino flick and is ideal for any ladies that have a sensitivity to cosmetics or simply those that find it tricky to apply.

Permanent Makeup Lips Medway Kent

Lip Permanent Makeup

A lip enhancement can give your lips the fullness they have lost over the years. As we age our lips can lose colour, shape, definition and we can even develop lines and wrinkles around them. With our lip procedure, we can correct any imperfections and restore a beautiful cupid’s bow so that your lips look youthful without the need to keep reapplying lipstick or worrying about it ‘bleeding’ into the lines.

Whether you’re choosing a lip line, lip blush or all over colour all pigments can be blended together in order to create the perfect colour for you and your skin tone. No harsh outlines just beautiful contoured fuller lips…a great alternative to filler.


Aftercare is a very important aspect of any permanent makeup procedure to ensure long-term success and effectiveness. It’s important to follow any aftercare advice given to achieve the best possible results.

With every full price treatment, a free touch up procedure is booked and must be taken within 8 weeks of the initial procedure. It is a 2 part process and should be valued as important as the initial appointment. Anything after 8 weeks will be charged for and at my discretion.

To keep your permanent cosmetics treatment looking fresh and revitalised, a colour boost appointment is recommended between 8-18 months dependant on factors such as lifestyle, skin type etc. If you decide you would like to return to myself for this service these appointments are one appointment which price will reflect. Any additional appointments will be charged for.